Hello, I'm Sarah and welcome to my website, The Nature Narrator.
Here you will find my Jewellery designs, Paintings, illustrations,
gift wear and more.
I am strongly influenced by nature, botanical studies, family, and vintage styling. 
With everything I create whether it's a painting or a jewellery collection etc,
it all boils down to the fact that I love to tell a good story,
so with all this in mind, the name of brand was born, The Nature Narrator.
Based in Yorkshire, I am incredibly lucky and happy that I get to design and create all of my products in my studio in the wonderful sunny bank mills.
Sunny Bank Mills is an inspirational commercial and cultural destination in the heart of the local community of Farsley, Leeds. Founded in 1829, these glorious Mills are being regenerated by the sixth generation of the family owners, creating a wonderful blend of work, leisure and culture. I am incredibly proud to have a studio there amongst with some amazing artists and designers.  
I made the decision to start my little business through a few simple desires.
To create art / pieces that people can own giving them lasting memories and joy, and secondly to make my family proud.
I designed my logo which is made up of the flowers representing there birth months as they are at the heart of everything I do. 
Thank you for visiting and if you have any questions don't hesitate
to get in touch.
Sarah x