Shadow Box Messages

 I know only too well, that sometimes a card just won’t do... whether it’s congratulating or someone just needs cheering up etc ...So I decided to make something a little different.. some three dimensional little art works with a message or a thought, a poem, a quote and bring it to life in a little box frame.

I also don’t like waste and very mindful of what I put in the bin, So this idea seemed like the perfect solution to use the left over, broken, unused, found materials from my previous art works. I like to think.. not only am I spreading at little joy with my creations but I’m also saving things from going in the bin that don’t need to! 

I hope you like them as much as love making them, please get in touch if you have an idea of a favourite quote, etc that you would like me to bring to life...
* My designs are always handmade and may be slightly different from the image shown as I use left over bits and pieces from other art works... which make them unique, one of a kind pieces of art.